Welcome to my training section! 

Do you want to learn or improve your German! Here is the right place to be! I am working as a  German teacher since 2016 and I am offering three different kinds of options to learn German:


1. Private Lessons

2. German Group Talk (Tuesdays)

3. German Grammar  A1/A2 (Mondays)

4. German Grammar B1/B2 (Wednesdays)

5. Free Social Media Support




My private lessons are designed to improve business language skills, private language interests and infantile language skills for children. 


My group lessons are focused on conversation and German grammar. In conversation classes we discuss different topic to enlarge the vocabulary and in the grammar lessons we work in small groups on specified topics to improve and train your knowledge. Students from around the world join this class and help each other on the journey to become fluent in German.


My social media support is for free and addresses grammar, vocabulary and conversation.